The George


TripAdvisor Review Nov 02, 2014:

'This is a gem of a small pub. What the owners have done is so obvious and apparently simple, that you can't but help wonder why more don't do it.

Make the place homely, relaxed and inviting. Get a professional in the kitchen who knows what they are doing, has an abundance of pride and enthusiasm and wants to provide fantastic food. Put a team together who enjoy looking after customers. Source drinks that taste great, not just the run of the mill okay, that will do, but great. set prices at a level that when the bill comes, you feel value has been delivered.'

Alton to Aleppo Campaign

Co-ordinated by Susannah, The George Alton is your local drop off warehouse for donations to Syrian refugees via the Don't Hate, Donate campaign based in Portsmouth. 

Please bring any donations to The George on Mondays and Saturdays 11am-10pm. 
The following are suggested items, however any donations are gratefully received:
Torches, candles, batteries, sewing machines, womens' sanitary supplies, toiletries, Tents, sleeping bags, new underwear, general first aid supplies, tinned food, foods with long expiry dates,
The George, Alton
Butts Road, Alton, Hampshire, Gu34 1LH