The George


TripAdvisor Review Nov 02, 2014:

'This is a gem of a small pub. What the owners have done is so obvious and apparently simple, that you can't but help wonder why more don't do it.

Make the place homely, relaxed and inviting. Get a professional in the kitchen who knows what they are doing, has an abundance of pride and enthusiasm and wants to provide fantastic food. Put a team together who enjoy looking after customers. Source drinks that taste great, not just the run of the mill okay, that will do, but great. set prices at a level that when the bill comes, you feel value has been delivered.'


What's on?


QUIZ NIGHT: First Tuesday of every month with our Quizmaster Tim Newman. Booking a table is recommended. 

Saturday 21st April - The Standards live at The George for St. George's weekend celebrations - see you then! 

OPEN MIC - Last sunday of the month - hosted by Bruce Galliver


Susannah and Jason have always supported local talent, and The George is the premier pub venue in the Alton hipster scene, if there is such a thing. 

In addition to the eclectic mix of live music, we're also proud to play some downright brilliant sounds on our stereo...keep your eyes on this page and we'll share some of our favourite playlists as well as keeping you up-to-date with who will be playing live at The George over the next few months.

Currently taking bookings for 2018 so if you're interested in playing at ours,  pop in or call us. Solo/Duo/soft acoustic bands/ ukulele players/ vinyl jam sessions....anything welcome!   Please contact Susannah on 01420 82331 or email or contact us via our Facebook page.