The George


TripAdvisor Review Nov 02, 2014:

'This is a gem of a small pub. What the owners have done is so obvious and apparently simple, that you can't but help wonder why more don't do it.

Make the place homely, relaxed and inviting. Get a professional in the kitchen who knows what they are doing, has an abundance of pride and enthusiasm and wants to provide fantastic food. Put a team together who enjoy looking after customers. Source drinks that taste great, not just the run of the mill okay, that will do, but great. set prices at a level that when the bill comes, you feel value has been delivered.'

Christmas is coming!!

Please find below our Christmas menu this year, put together by our Head Chef Simon.  If you would like to have your Christmas party at The George, please email us on  £5 deposit required per person.



C H R I S T M A S   M E N U

 2 0 1 8

2 course £22.50

3 Course £26.50




Lightly curried parsnip soup topped with parsnip crisps

Creamy garlic and spinach mushrooms served on a toasted crumpet

Bloody mary crayfish cocktail – crayfish tails bound in a tabasco and tomato sauce with brown bread

Homemade smoked mackerel and horseradish pate with roasted ciabatta fingers



Roast crown of turkey with pigs in blanket served with a sausage meat and cranberry stuffing, seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes and a rich red wine gravy.

Goats cheese, tomato and walnut wellington. Homemade Wellington with goats cheese, tomato and walnuts wrapped in a puff pastry served with a rich vegetable red wine gravy and seasonal vegetables and chef potatoes.

Tuna steak – chargrilled tuna served on a bed of creamy mashed potato topped with pink peppercorn sauce served with seasonal vegetables.

Roast Topside of Beef served with Yorkshire pudding roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a rich red wine gravy.



Christmas Pudding with brandy sauce

Sugar snap basket filled with winter berries and Chantilly cream

Warm Chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce



Finish off with a warm crumble mince pie and coffee